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Handgun Maintenance Course – Palm Desert


All Course Sales are Final; No Refunds. Any Rescheduling will be at the Discretion of the Training Director

We will go over proper cleaning and maintenance aspects of your Glock, Springfield XD or Smith and Wesson M&P handgun (no other models will be covered). We will also go over some common misconceptions of this firearms along with basic function checks and techniques for diagnosis in the chance your handgun is not functioning properly. Bring your own cleaning gear. Cameras are suggested so you can make your own “personal maintenance manual”.

  • Class Dates and Times:
    June 26, 2024– 7pm to 9pm

WHAT TO BRING TO THE COURSE – (Available at your local Turner’s Outdoorsman, adjacent to the The Training Center)
1. Cleaning Gear
2. Cleaning Mat and/or Towel (To Use As A Working Surface)
3. Notebook & Pen
4. Phone/Camera (Optional – To Take Step By Step Photos)

* Cleaning Gear Options (Instructors Choice)
An all-inclusive cleaning kit, to include; Solvent, lubricant, bore brush, rod, cleaning brush/toothbrush, patches
B. Slip2000 brand Solvent (their carbon killer) and lubricant, bore brush, rod, cleaning brush/tooth brush, patches (Instructors Choice)
C. Solvent, lubricant, bore snake, cleaning brush/tooth brush, patches

LOCATION: – The Training Range – 38-698B El Viento Rd, Palm Desert, CA 92211 Get Directions


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