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Tactical Trauma Response Course – Palm Desert


All Course Sales are Final; No Refunds. Any Rescheduling will be at the Discretion of the Training Director

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Experience has shown us that during active shooter situations, along with other acts of violence, too many people are lost when they could have been saved had just one person had some trauma care experience. THIS COURSE IS GOING TO HELP FILL THAT GAP!

– General first aid
– Proper usage of tourniquets
– Wound Packing
– Chest seals

Hands on:
– Applying tourniquets to oneself and others
– Wound packing stations
– Scenarios diagnosing trauma and applying the trauma response techniques.

If you you have a CCW and carry a gun, If you work in an office full of people and want to make a difference, if you have a family and are concerned for their well being….. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!!

  • Class Dates and Times:
    TBD – 8am to 1pm

1. Notebook & Pen


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