6-Month Precision Rifle Course (Urban Tactical) – West Bakersfield



This course starts with the two day course and then we meet once a month for the next 5 months with a final mission at the end. During the final mission students are inserted into a location they’ve neve been before at 2am. Students are given a topo map that is marked with their insertion point and their final destination before first light where there is a one shot reactive target to be negotiated. Students have a 2+ mile trek during the night while evading roving patrols looking to find them. Topics/skills taught include running D.O.P.E. on rifles out to 700m, camouflage, ghillie suites, stalks, hides, land navigation (map & compass), tactical exercises.

  • Class Dates and Times:

WHAT TO BRING TO THE COURSE – (Available at your local Turner’s Outdoorsman, adjacent to the The Training Center)
1. Optically Equipped Rifle
2. 700 Rds. Of Range Approved Precision Grade Ammo
3. Eye And Ear Protection (Electric Style Preferred)
4. Binoculars
5. Field Back Pack and/or Bi Pod
6. Sling
7. Log Book (Voodoo Tactical Brand Markman Data Book)
8. *Laser Range Finder
9. Notebook & Pen
10. Food/Snacks/Drinks
11. Ghillie Suit (Preferred) or Camouflage Clothing
12. Weather/Range Appropriate Clothing
13. Appropriate Footwear & Hat (For Outdoor Ranges)

*Laser Range Finder (Instructors Choice)
Good – Vortex Ranger 1300 w/HCD
Better – Leupold RX-1600i TBR

Before the course, the instructor will contact you giving directions to the private range.


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