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Zoom 8-Hour CCW Lecture – Bakersfield


All Course Sales are Final; No Refunds. Any Rescheduling will be at the Discretion of the Training Director

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* 16-hours total needed to renew your initial CCW.

Please check availability and sign up for all courses at the same time to reserve your spot and to ensure that you move through your 16-Hour CCW initial process goes as smooth as possible. To fulfill the rest of your state mandated hours you will need to sign up for one or more of the courses below to satisfy the mandatory 8-hours of additional training.

This live Zoom meeting allows you to do the lecture portion of your CCW Initial Course from the convenience of your home. After your Zoom Course, you will come to the range for one of our scheduled CCW Handgun Qualification Courses to qualify your handgun. After your Zoom Course and your CCW Handgun Qualification has been completed, you will have all the needed documents to fulfil the training requirements of your CCW Application.

  • Sign up for your course no later than 24 hours prior to your desired scheduled course date/time.
  • Make sure you include a current email address so we can email you a link for your scheduled course.
  • Your training certificate will be emailed to you within 48 of your completed course.
  • Handgun qualification cards will be provided at your CCW Handgun Qualification course.
  • Check our website ahead for upcoming CCW Handgun Qualification Course dates/times. Just show up with your receipt to qualify your included handgun during the designated course.
  • Qualification of one (1) handgun is included in the cost of your CCW Initial Course. Sign up for additional handguns that you may want to put on your CCW License. Links are provided below.
  • Course needs for the CCW Handgun Qualification Course are listed on the website.
  • In Riverside County, you can take your CCW Course congruently with filling out your CCW application Riverside County Sheriff’s Department CA Online Carry Concealed Weapon Permit Application (
  • In Kern County, apply for your CCW License Permit Director ( first wait for your preliminary ok and then sign up for your CCW Course.
  • Please make sure you can attend your Zoom Course before signing up. Zoom link will be emailed the night before the course.

CCW Handgun Qualification Course at our Bakersfield (Mohawk) Location CCW Qualification for 1-2 Guns – Bakersfield – The Training Center (

  • Class Dates and Times:
    August  2, 2024 – 8am to 5pm
    August  13-14, 2024 – 6pm to 10pm


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