12-Week (24 Hours Total) Advanced Defensive Handgun II Course – Bakersfield



In Level two we introduce the CQB techniques used with handguns, firing hand only, targets at odd angles along with heavy concentrations in the refinement of the techniques taught in the level#1 course. Increased speed and accuracy is definitely the biproduct of this course moving an intermediate student into the advanced levels of defensive handgunning.

  • Class Dates and Times: TBD

WHAT TO BRING TO THE COURSE – (Available at your local Turner’s Outdoorsman, adjacent to the The Training Center)
1. Handgun
2. Range Approved Ammo: 100 Rounds Per Week
3. Eye and Ear Protection (Electric Style Preferred)
4. Holster (On A Belt Or Secured In A Purse)
5. Three or More Magazines
6. Magazines Carrier
7. Tactical Flashlight (Surefire Or Streamlight)
8. Range Appropriate Clothing
9. Notebook & Pen


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