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12-Week (24 Hours Total) Advanced Defensive Handgun I Course – Bakersfield


All Course Sales are Final; No Refunds. Any Rescheduling will be at the Discretion of the Training Director

Learn defensive techniques to include presentations (draw) from the holster, presentations from a concealed holster, single target engagements to 25m, Failure to stop drills, how to negotiate multiple targets (2), responses left, right and rear (because all too often the “bad guy” isn’t standing right in front of you), speed reloads, tactical reloads, Malfunction 1,2,3,4,5 clearances, Lowlight and no light shooting and much, much more! In this course we take beginners and develop them into becoming proficient in the fighting aspect of their handgun, improving survivability chances on the street.

  • Class Dates and Times:
    Day 1 – TBD – 9am to 5pm
    Day 2 – TBD – 9am to 5pm
    Day 3 – TBD – 8am to 4pm

WHAT TO BRING TO THE COURSE – (Available at your local Turner’s Outdoorsman, adjacent to the The Training Center)
1. Handgun
2. Range Approved Ammo: 100 Rounds Per Week
3. Eye and Ear Protection (Electric Style Preferred)
4. Holster (On A Belt Or Secured In A Purse)
5. Three or More Magazines
6. Magazines Carrier
7. Tactical Flashlight (Surefire Or Streamlight)
8. Range Appropriate Clothing
9. Notebook & Pen


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